Work as a specialist abroad
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Useful information for specialist candidates who search jobs offer abroad

It is time to dispel the myth that employment in Europe implies only non-qwalified job positions. Having certain skills, knowledge, skills and a European-level diploma will allow you to gain more paid positions and really succeed in your chosen field. Legal work abroad becomes more real with qualifications.

EuroJob will select a job that is relevant to your education and skills. We offer options that meet the individual needs, leading the candidate to start work in another country.

The best directions for professionals

In Europe, there is a shortage of labor resources, so EU employers are increasingly eager to look at the CVs of Ukrainians, CIS and other citizens. Highly appreciated work by an engineer in the EU. Skilled workers are always valuable personnel. And if you meet the requirements of the position, you will open the prospect of a long contract and further placement abroad.

What does Eastern Europe offer?
Today, the increased demand for workers in Poland due to the mass departure of Poles to Germany is an urgent one, and this opens up new opportunities for Ukrainians with families. Working in Poland for a year or more is a job activity in a country that is geographically close to home. Starting salary for an ordinary unskilled worker in Poland – from about 420 euros. But this figure is easy to increase if:

• have a profession in demand;
• you know Polish well;
• speak excellent English;
• Have sufficient experience.

Work as an engineer in the Czech Republic is paid from 26-28 thousand CZK. But, of course, the highest remuneration is offered for the job of IT specialist abroad – from 1000 euros and above. You can start your career from a QA tester position. But in the most promising area there are some nuances. A job as a programmer in the Czech Republic is only available after obtaining a diploma in this specialty and confirming it. But practice shows that it is easy to find jobs in this area easily and in a short time in any other promising country.

Employment in Western Europe

It is possible to continue working in Germany, for example after Poland and the Czech Republic. After learning Polish, it’s easier to get in touch with a German employer and find a common language with him. Moreover, before you go there you must obtain a work permit in Germany.

Such permits are issued depending on which country the specialist is and for what reason he decides to change location. It is noteworthy that EU citizens can stay in Germany without any permission. But do not give up 100% of legal vacancies. EuroJob is ready to help professionals and engineers find work in Europe at a serious high-paying firm and issue the required documents for legalization.

Working in Spain is a dream for many Ukrainians who have been fortunate enough to visit this country once. Architecture, climate and stunning scenery can not leave anyone indifferent.

Statistics show that Spain is the second most popular tourist destination among the Schengen countries. Warm climate, beautiful beaches, football and many attractions are an undeniable bonus not only for tourists but also for migrant workers.

Today, engineers in various fields are actively recruited in Spain, offering them a salary of 2500-4500 euros.

Jobs in the Baltic States and Scandinavia

It is open to Ukrainians (CIS and other citizens) and the northern direction. Jobs in Lithuania include job replacements:
• maid;
• valves;
• builder;
• welder;
• handymen.

Jobs in Finland are more focused on fulfilling seasonal employment – harvesting and more. Basically, temporary activity is offered in this country. But for highly qualified professionals, jobs are open, for example, even electricians, car mechanics, CNC operators, etc. Keep in mind that Finns are only willing to cooperate with those who speak their native language or, at a minimum, are fluent in English.

Working as an engineer in Finland affects different areas: energy, service quality assessment, design tasks, radiation protection, and more.

Programmer work in Finland is also in demand, as it is around the world. This is one of the few specialties where you will not need knowledge of Finnish. Programmers speak English mainly.
But if programming is not a strong point, then driving abroad is also in demand in all countries. It is important to have only European driving licenses. An employee with extensive experience, no fines, language is always appreciated in EU countries.

JOB Deals from UAE

Finding a job in the Emirates is not as easy as in Poland or Germany. Migrants who take up staff positions are more appreciated here. But having a qualification, you can get a job in the UAE as an engineer. But only if you can confirm the validity of the diploma, since in the Emirates often do not accept certificates of foreign universities, even with high accreditation.

Required documents for official registration abroad for a specialist

To leave for work in Germany or another EU country, you must provide the following documents:
• an internal passport;
• passport;
• a criminal record certificate;
• an invitation from the employer;
• completed questionnaires;
• health insurance;
• photographs and photocopies of required educational and experience documents.

The EU work permit is usually issued for 1 to 3 years with the possibility of further extension. But only if as a result the employee received good feedback about their activities and stay.

Each country may provide other requirements for completing the documents. A license for employment abroad is also required, a document issued by the State Employment Service. Without this confirmation, it would not be legal to go abroad for work.

Despite heavy fines for illegal activity, some Europeans take unskilled workers without registration. But this does not apply to the hiring of specialists, engineers, doctors and other professionals abroad.

The signed employment contract will allow you to immediately determine the rights and obligations of each party, regulate the terms of termination of employment. It should always be carefully studied before applying for a job. Vacancies overseas on a contractual basis are a priority area of ​​search for many qualified Ukrainians and CIS citizens.

EuroJob will make your job placement as comprehensible and secure as possible.

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