“The secret of getting ahead is getting started…”
Mark Twain

You can see copies of our legal documents here: Eurojob legalization documents

EUROJOB is a rapidly developing innovative company with an ambitious goal to become the leading operator company in the international labor market.
Initially, we built high technologies, developed effective methods in the field of personnel decisions and an irreproachable reputation among our clients.

For several years we have accumulated unique experience, providing legal, intermediary and consulting services in the field of recruiting abroad, promoting the supply of a diverse workforce to virtually all corners of the world.
Thanks to this experience, we grew up in all respects, and as a result, a strategic decision was taken to focus on headhunting, international recruitment and workforce solutions, consulting and other services in the field of labor resources and labor migration.

This decision was also made in connection with the fact that we have opened new unique opportunities to expand our activities. Today we have innovative tools and resources for searching and recruiting specialists from any region of Ukraine and the near abroad.

We are interested in fruitful cooperation on long-term, mutually beneficial terms with our clients. We have exclusive opportunities to provide employers with professionals of all professions of any skill level from any part of Ukraine.
And the Workforce Solutions developed by us will help to optimize many processes not only in the field of personnel management, but also in other areas of company activity.

We take care of our jobseekers, helping them free to find the best job offers, accompanying them at all stages of employment.

We know that the best advertising for us is the unblemished reputation of Eurojob.

We invite you to cooperation. Start now and achieve more with us!

License of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine : https://www.msp.gov.ua/documents/3929.html