Workforce Solutions

We are pleased to offer you a convenient service of Workforce Solutions WITHOUT PREPAYMENT. You will receive a high-quality and fast service with payment on a fact.
We also offer the unique RISK PROTECTION tool for foreign employers. Even if suddenly, your candidate will be refused in a visa or for other reasons he will not be able to arrive at your place of work, your expenses for preparing of permits, etc. will be compensated. However, by cooperating with us, you will be convinced that the probability of such cases will tend to zero, as we carry out stable careful work with candidates at all stages of recruiting.
Among other things, we give a warranty period for each hired employee.
You can be calm, using our service of Workforce Solutions.

We have exclusive opportunities to attract specialists from Ukraine and the near abroad, and we can fully meet the needs of foreign employers companies in any professionals.
Our unique, innovative approach to the labor market is exclusive access and special stage-by-stage processing of extensive databases, as well as the collection and processing of specialized information in our own databases. All this, in conjunction with the progressive methods of Headhunting and Recruiting, makes our approach exceptionally effective to the labor market.
We can be proud of our innovative tools and approach in Headhunting. We have a full understanding of where to find a specialist and how to attract him.
We were able to create and refine the Headhunting methods, which allow create the demand effectively among potential applicants and quickly recruite them for a new job.
We really can find and recruit any specialists for you that fully meet your expectations.

This also applies to the recruitment of unskilled labor – our exclusive system of selection and recruitment will provide you with carefully selected and motivated staff.

Cooperating with us, you can get quality employees and save a lot on paying for their work.
Be sure – we can satisfy almost all your needs in any state, and we will be able to prove it in practice.

So, EUROJOB is pleased to offer you the following WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS:

  • Headhunting, Recruiting is a search and selection of candidates for the application submitted by you. In addition, we provide guarantees for accepted candidates.
  • Staff leasing (temporary employment) allows you to delegate most of the accounting, tax and other obligations to the agency. Advantages: reduction of HR costs, carefully selected staff, quick free replacement of the dismissed employees, simple system of calculations, which is based on the agreed rate and the number of hours worked (one invoice).
  • Outsourcing (on-site service) is mainly for companies in which high turnover leads to high time and financial costs (for example, in logistics and production). All the processes of hiring and managing staff are optimized by the agency, which leads to optimization of the costs of your enterprise.
  • Try & Hire (test and hire) is the service, which combines the advantages of recruiting and leasing the staff. The candidates selected by us begin to work in your company on the basis of the staff leasing agreement. This allows you to freely adjust the length of the probationary period during which you can determine the qualification of employee or prepare a new employee.

A brief summary of the benefits of working with us:

• Exclusive opportunities for providing professionals of all professions of any skill level from any part of Ukraine.
• Possibility to receive highly qualified staff with significant savings in the salary budget.
• The ability to test an employee before a permanent job
• Reduction of functions and expenses of the personnel department, optimization of tax, accounting and other processes and expenses.
• Transfer of costs, responsibilities and risks associated with hiring new employees, layoffs, holidays and so on.
• Transfer of responsibilities arising from labor law, including: the management of personal files, contracts, control in the field of security requirements and medical requirements, certification, calculations and organization of all necessary contributions, taxes, salary payments, etc.
• Simplicity and unification of calculations.
• The ability to easily adjust the number of employees to the current needs of the company (market, seasonal and other fluctuations)
• Absence of risks for employers, lack of prepayment, tools for compensation of possible losses.

We strive to optimize all our services so that you receive the greatest benefit and convenience with the least cost. We are ready to consider any other options for cooperation that are convenient for your company.

To start discussion of cooperation, we suggest you to fill out and send a request: