Armature-knitter to Slovakia and EU

Арматурщик бетонщик в Словакии фото

Salary from € 8/ч. NETTO

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Main cities of work: Zilina, Banska Bystrica. Business trips in Slovakia are provided.

Employment agreement type: Fully formal employment. Registration of Cards Livestock or Substitution (at the request of the candidate) up to 2 years with an extension. Arrival with a biometric passport (documents for crossing the border are provided). Going to work immediately after 5 days of quarantine and passing the test.

Description: The work consists in preparing objects of different sizes for concreting (monolith bridges,
objects are smaller). Objects all over Slovakia and in the EU. Knitting of reinforcement and metal components. Working conditions depend on the facilities.

Mandatory requirements:
• At least 1 year of work experience is desirable
• Ability to read construction drawings
• medical suitability
• Reliability and independence
• Online interview (translator provided)

Your advantage will be (not necessarily): Basic knowledge of the Slovak or Czech language or the desire to start learning it.

Payment: From 8 euros per hour per hand. The size depends on your experience, quality of work, productivity, characteristics of the object under construction, etc. The allowances vary depending on the specific conditions of individual projects and the speed of implementation of plans.

Meals: At your own expense.

Accommodation: Comfortable accommodation will be provided by the employer (according to the place of work). Accommodation will meet corporate standards for employees: all hygiene standards, heating, drinking water, toilet and shower in the room, sometimes, in extreme cases, in the building. The employer pays for the accommodation in full.

Travel: Transport to Slovakia at the expense of the candidate.
Transport between workplaces will be provided by the employer free of charge.

The employer pays all visa costs (visa fee, documents, translations, etc.) upon arrival at the Slovak Foreign Police. These expenses are deducted from the employee’s future salaries by agreement.

Services and support by our company are absolutely free.