Parts Quality Inspector to Hungary

Работа в Венгрии на заводах фото

Salary from 200000 to 300000 HUF NETTO

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Place of work: Taewoong Precision Hungary Kft, Pákozd, Ipartelep 1

Registration of Hungarian residence permit for two years, medical insurance at the expense of the company.

Position: Quality controller

Main tasks: Visual inspection of the product, screening for possible defects. Sitting work.

Requirements: Minimum of 8 primary grades. Excellent vision, readiness for monotonous work.
The following is required for admission: medical examination.
Advantage: factory experience.

Work schedule: One shift 7:30-16:00.

Salary: HUF 1724 gross per hour. Overtime, weekends, and holidays are paid extra.
Average starting salary from 200,000 HUF to 300,000 HUF ($600-900) with increasing experience and productivity.

Accommodation: at the expense of the employer
2-3-4 bed rooms in apartments and houses with all amenities. Separate accommodation for couples

Additional Information:
Vacancies, registration and support are free. Entry of candidates to Hungary from the Ukrainian-Hungarian border is free.

WARNING! Due to the war and the large influx of people wishing to work officially in the EU, this vacancy, like others, can quickly fill up and close. Therefore, we accept and process applications only from those who are ready to leave for the vacancy in the coming days! If you are not sure and you need to think, please do not use the company’s phone line. Our employees are very busy with those who are already leaving or applying for work! There’s no point in discussing anything if you’re not going to leave anytime soon.

If you have decided on a vacancy and are ready to leave, want to speed up the process and have a guarantee that we will contact you, send a photo of your passport in an expanded form on Viber or Telegram +421 950 502 610 Also indicate which vacancy you are applying for, approximate the date of departure and the presence of minor children and their age.

Thank you for understanding.

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