Nurse to the Czech Republic Vsetin

Nurse to the Czech Republic Vsetin
150-270 CZK/h.
For Women, For Men, For couples, for Ukrainians, Accommodation
Czech Republic

The Czech Republic invites physicians under the state program “Qualified Employee” for the vacancy General practice nurse (an employee of a social institution (Hospital) in the position of a nurse)

Fully legal employment. Full benefits package and all privileges, career opportunities, bonuses and respect for you as a Czech healthcare professional. Contract for 2 years. Residence permit and the possibility of family reunification after 6 months of work.

ALL expenses for paperwork, language training and travel are paid and compensated by the employer.


  • Profile education.
  • Men and women.
  • Preferably 5 years of work experience as a general nurse (possibly from 2 years, but experience is crucial for the interview). The advantage is working in geriatrics or in a hospital for long-term patients, palliative care, nursing in hospital wards is the best option.
  • Desire to learn and develop.
  • A resume with a photo is required.
  • A resume in Czech will speed up the process. After agreeing candidacy, a Skype interview with the employer (with a translator).

Currently, 3 nurses are required at the Hospital in Vsetín: Nemocniční 955, 755 01 Vsetín

Employer Description:
Vsetin Hospital is a joint-stock company, the founder and at the same time the only shareholder of which is the Zlín Region. With over 600 employees, we are one of the largest employers in the Vsetin region. We provide a wide range of inpatient and outpatient care as well as work intensively with specialized jobs in regional hospitals and teaching hospitals in highly specialized areas of treatment.

In cooperation with specialized centers, we can provide comprehensive assistance to residents of the region. We have 335 beds, we provide assistance in 25 specialties, in total 6 main medical areas and 16 areas of specialized medical education are accredited for training. We hospitalize about 13,000 patients a year, conduct nearly half a million outpatient examinations, deliver up to 900 newborns and perform over 5,000 surgeries. We have been engaged in quality management and safety of medical services for a long time, we have a quality certificate according to ISO 9001: 2015.

Basic conditions of an employment contract:

  • Schedule: 37.5 hours / week (3 shifts of 12 hours each), 5 weeks of paid vacation. Overtime is possible.
  • Salary during probationary period / training (3 months): from 20300 CZK gross (base rate)+ up to 7000 CZK shift pay
    After prob. term: from 27300 CZK gross (base rate with shift pay).

Overtime: + 25%
Saturday, Sunday: + 10%
Holidays: + 100%
Personal bonus: up to 1500 CZK/month – depends on the quality of work

  • After passing language exams, confirmation of practice and recognition by prof. competence by the qualification commission of the Czech Republic (the received certificates will be valid in all EU countries):
    Start levels: Practical nurse: from 31100 CZK; General nurse: from 33,200 CZK gross
  • Salary depends on overtime and bonuses based on the employer’s decision based on the results of the employee’s work. With increasing length of service, the base rate rises. Career opportunities like those of Czech citizens.
  • The employee has the right to use a financial allowance of 5,000 CZK per year for the following purposes: health, sports, culture, recreation or education.
  • For children, the legislation of the Czech Republic provides for tax benefits (salary increase after family reunification)
  • Accommodation with all comforts is provided on a separate campus of the Hospital (1600-3200 CZK deducted from the salary). 1 to 3 bed rooms located on the hospital campus, fully equipped shared kitchen, shared bathrooms, utility rooms. There are no deductions for renting your own home.
  • Full, high-quality food in the canteen for staff 35-37 CZK per shift, (deducted from the salary).
  • The employer welcomes the desire of employees to improve their education and pays for training. Received diplomas and certificates will be valid in all EU countries.
  • There are benefits and bonus programs for employees and their families (language courses, fitness cards, events, etc.).

Additional Information:

The employer undertakes to pay all costs of preparing documents on the Czech side, online language courses, travel to work, etc. The applicant’s expenses in Ukraine at the Czech consulate are 186 euros (visa fee) + payment for apostille and notarized translation of documents (70 euros) – the employer undertakes to compensate upon arrival in the Czech Republic using the checks provided. What will be indicated in the supplementary employment assistance agreement. Services by our company are completely free.

The number of places in this center is limited, but later we will be able to offer you work in other medical institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The health worker in the EU is truly a respected profession. Not in words but in deeds.