Work in Poland. Handyman (installation of drives / tanks)

Фото: Работа в Польше. Разнорабочий (монтаж накопителей/ёмкостей)
14 zł /h.
Visa, for CIS citizens, For Men, for Ukrainians, Jobs without language, Accommodation

Workplace: Toruń / Torun

Company activity: The company is engaged in the production of drives / tanks

Rate: 13 PLN per hour on hand for a person without work experience. From the second month, 14 zł per hour.

Schedule: Work on 2 shifts 12 hours a day. 6-18, 18-6. Mon-Sat There is an opportunity to work on Sundays at will

Opening hours: 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. At least 260 hours of work per month. It is possible to work up to 360 hours per month.

Responsibilities: Installation of drives / containers made of plastic. Cutting holes and mounting equipment.

Requirements: – work experience is not required;
– A certificate and experience on loaders are welcome. The certificate for loaders can be made during work. The cost is covered by the employee. The certificate is issued to the employee and is his property;
– A certificate and experience on an overhead crane is welcome; – men

Housing: Free

Age: under 50

Work clothes: At the expense of the employer

Optional: The company temperature is 20-22 degrees
The company has free coffee, cookies, rolls and very low prices for other services