Warehouse worker in Germany (Cologne)

Работа в Германии на складе фото

Salary from 13 €/h.

For Women, For Men, For couples, for Ukrainians, Jobs without language, Accommodation

We invite you to work in the warehouses of BIO food, beauty, health and home products, and online stores. German is not required. Completely legal. Direct employment contract of the German sample. We help Ukrainians in obtaining refugee status.

Location: Cologne

– The work consists in the selection of products on order and laying out on a pallet. Work on order on paper or learn to work with a scanner.
– Workers move around the train on electric carts with simple controls, this is not a loader. The company prepares permits for them and deducts them from their salaries in two installments. Tuition fee 140 €.
The trolley driving license (with the right to drive a forklift also) is valid throughout the EU and remains with the worker.

13 €/hour (gross) overtime, weekends, holidays, etc. are paid extra. Possibility advance payments

Partially covered by the employer. Deducting part of the cost from the monthly salary – from 160-250 € – depending on which hostels have vacant places.

– Transportation from the hostel to work is provided
– The coordinator is located at the place of work

Candidates arrive in Slovakia, from where they will be taken to Germany to hostels.

The number of places is limited. Click to apply: