Operator production Panasonic Slovakia

Работа оператором на Панасоник в Словакии

Salary from 800 to 1250 + EUR

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The world-famous electronics manufacturer for electric vehicles invites women, men and couples for long-term, promising and comfortable work at a factory in Trstená, Slovakia. The plant is interested in long-term employment and further extension of labor relations for promising employees. The vacancy is ideal for those who want to find a long-term job with the prospect of growing, moving and obtaining Slovak citizenship. Those who have a Slovak residence permit – change of employer for free.

Requirements: No problems with coordination and serious health problems (testing and medical commission). Responsibility, lack of absenteeism, sobriety in the workplace. Desire to grow a career. Willingness to work night shifts.

Responsibilities: Assembly, sorting and other manipulations with printed circuit boards and electronics components for electric vehicles. Physically easy work, but requires attention and hand motility.

Payment: from 5,30 euros/hour at the start without experience (rate increases with experience and productivity) + bonuses (see below)

from 6.14 euros/hour for experienced, who go to the position of Operator Sorter or Installer + bonuses (see below)

Daily change + 0.12 € / hour
Night shift + 1,61 € / hour
Saturday + 2,02 € / year
Sunday + € 4,03 / hour
Allowance for overtime work + 25% of the average salary
Holidays + 100% of the average salary
+ 10% performance bonus

Other allowances:
+ 0.50 € / day transport costs
+ 120 € / month gross (approximately 90 net) compensation for accommodation for 1 year
Food vouchers – about 50 € net per month and depends on the number of working days
13th salary in the amount of 100% of salary.
14th salary – 50% of the monthly salary
Awards for birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Thus, the average NETTO salary (on hand) now ranges from € 650-780 at start-up to € 850-1100 per month thereafter, for an experienced operator and operators and installer operators in three shifts. + approximately € 150 net in compensation for housing, food and transport.

So, the net salary is on average: from € 800-1250

Note: if someone has an electrical engineering or higher education, knows Slovak and/or English, he does not have to go to the starting position of the Operator, but can immediately go higher – for example, to the position of Quality Technician, where currently the rate starts from 1200 €. You can also grow your career to similar positions and learn the language above in the future.

Work 2, 3 or 4 shifts. Most often they work in 3 shifts, but if you have the materials, you can work in 4 shifts. Therefore, the requirement is readiness to work at night and in multi-shift mode. There is no guarantee that changes in married couples will always coincide. We ask couples to take this into account.

Accommodation: With all amenities for 2-4 people. Married couples live separately. 130-150 € per month including compensation from the employer (90 € compensation). When renting your home or issued a mortgage bonus of 90 € remains.

Meals: Full at the factory partly at the expense of the employer (vouchers)

WARNING! Due to the war and the large influx of people who want to officially work in the EU, this vacancy, like others, can be quickly filled and closed. Therefore, we accept and process applications only from those who are ready to leave for a vacancy in the coming days! If you are unsure and need to think – please do not occupy the company’s phone line. Our employees are very busy with those who are already going or applying for a job! There is no point in discussing something if you are not going to leave soon.

If you have decided on a vacancy and are ready to leave, you want to speed up registration and have guarantees that we will contact you, send a photo of your passport in expanded form on Viber or Telegram +38 (098) 565 1 565 Also indicate which vacancy you are applying for, regional date of departure and the presence of minor children.

Thank you for understanding. Eurojob does not take any money from applicants.