Jobs in Slovakia. Doctor pediatrician from 1200 € net

Работа врачём педиатром за границей фото

Salary from €1200 to 3000 Netto

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Country: Slovakia, Šarišské Michaľany

Fully official employment under the Skilled Employee program. The employer draws up a residence permit at his own expense, pays for language courses and compensates for 50% of travel from Ukraine.

Full benefits package and all privileges, career opportunities, bonuses and respect for you as a Slovak healthcare professional. Contract for 2 years with renewal. Residence permit and the possibility of family reunification after 6 months of work. Possibility to become a citizen of Slovakia.

Place of work: Private Pediatric Clinic “Alimed” – Šarišské


  • at least 2 years of experience as a pediatrician.
  • Profile med. education.
  • Slovak language (if not, the candidate will have to take a language course at the employer’s expense in the process of preparing documents and work)
  • Desire to learn and develop.
  • PC user
  • A resume with a photo is required.
  • A resume in Slovak or English will speed up the review. After agreeing on Skype’s candidacy, an interview with the employer (with a translator).
  • Priority is given to candidates who already have an EU health worker certification

Basic conditions of the contract: Schedule: working hours 7:30 – 13:30 Monday – Friday (Tuesday and Thursday – until 14:30, preventive measures and antenatal care).
Working hours per week 29.5 hours. 35 days of vacation.
Probationary period up to 3 months.

Salary: € 1200-3000 Netto.

During the probationary period: Pediatrician without certification: rate 1000 euros gross + bonuses and overtime
Certified pediatrician: € 2,000 gross rate + bonuses and overtime
After the probationary period: Pediatrician without certification: rate 1,500 euros gross + bonuses and overtime
Certified pediatrician: € 2,500 gross rate + bonuses and overtime

Overtime: + 25% or + 35% on risky work
Saturday: + 25% to the hourly rate
Sunday: + 50% to the hourly rate
Holidays: + 100%
Personal and other bonuses: depend on the quality of work, etc., assigned by the management

  • After passing language exams, confirmation of practice and recognition by prof. competence by the qualification commission of Slovakia (the obtained certificates will be valid in all EU countries), the salary rises up to about 3000 euros per hand (depending on experience).
  • The salary depends on overtime and bonuses based on the employer’s decision based on the results of the employee’s work. With an increase in seniority, the base rate rises. Career opportunities like the citizens of Slovakia.
  • For children, the legislation of Slovakia provides for tax benefits (salary increase after family reunification)
  • The employer welcomes the desire of employees to improve their education and pays for training. The received diplomas and certificates will be valid in all EU countries.
  • 13th salary – at the end of the year.
  • Vacation bonus from the company – once a year in the summer, a week of seaside holidays in Croatia for the whole family is paid in full.
  • And other corporate privileges.

Accommodation / Meals: The employer will help with finding an apartment near work and will give an advance payment. The cost of housing in the range of 250-500 euros/month, depending on the number of rooms / Meals are provided directly to the workplace (food vouchers 55% paid by the employer)

Additional Information:

The employer undertakes to pay all expenses for the preparation of documents on the Slovak side (nostrification, etc.), language courses, 50% of travel to work in Slovakia. The applicant’s expenses in Ukraine are only the preparation of personal documents for the consulate of Slovakia and the visa fee. Services by our company are completely free.

The health worker in the EU is truly a respected profession. Not in words but in deeds.