Работа в Германии на почте

Postal worker in Germany

Location: Freiburg, Oldenburg, Karlsruhe, Ravensburg, Reutlingen Requirements: Candidates without knowledge of languages ​​are required (knowledge of German or English at…

Работа в Словакии на складе фото

Picker warehouse operator in Slovakia

City: Nitra The international company Synkreon, a logistics partner of Jaguar Land-Rover, invites men, women and couples to work. Fully…

Арматурщик бетонщик в Словакии фото

Armature-knitter to Slovakia and EU

Main cities of work: Zilina, Banska Bystrica. Business trips in Slovakia are provided. Employment agreement type: Fully formal employment. Registration…

Работа оператором на Панасоник в Словакии

Operator production Panasonic Slovakia

The world-famous electronics manufacturer for electric vehicles invites women, men and couples for long-term, promising and comfortable work at a…

Работа в Венгрии на заводе Flex фото

Assembly operator to Hungary

Place of work: Flex p Sárvár, Hungary Registration of a Hungarian residence permit for two years, medical insurance at the…

Оператор производства автокресел в Словакию

Car seat production operator in Slovakia

Candidates are invited to the Adient factory (Kysucká 537/3, 010 01 Žilina). Clean, environmentally friendly production. Heating and air conditioning….